Indian silk brocade patterns as these beautiful sleep mask backed by our high quality silk satin.  


Our Med (head sized) ear loops fit easily over your ears, suitable for guys with small to medium head size. If you don't mind the loops behind your ears this is a great option for you.


We also have an adjustable strap option for larger or smaller head sizes. The adjustable strap styling fits like a classic eye mask over the back of your head.


Both are amazing for travels or for the night owls, sleep better during the day. Even more amazing, We believe in self preservation. Did you know silk can also be anti-aging? Our silk eye mask can help with those fine lines around the eyes. Silk naturally keeps moisture from evaporating keeping your skin soft and moist. Reduce the puffiness but allowing better sleep and reducing allergens from settling on your eyes while you sleep. It also helps you relax better by blocking out the light so you rest deeper while you sleep.


Makes for beautiful quality gifts. 

Unisex Navy/gold silk brocade eye mask

    • 100% Silk, elasticized ear loops.
    • Elasticized ear loops.  One size, fits Med sized head, twist ear loops to tighten
    • Adjustable strap with metal hardware, fits all sizes
    • Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry
    • Made in Canada
  • DIA Collections will accept merchandise in its original unopened condition with tags still on within 30 days of purchase.   DIA Collections will not be able to issue return postage.  Please notify us first regarding reason for the return for exchange and/or refund.