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Redefining luxurious is the philosophy behind the sophisticated and comfortable home wear line by DIA.  Created by Designer Lydia Fontana, DIA’s luxury nightwear brings us back to a time of glamour, elegance and luxurious comfort. 

Designer Lydia earned her skills working with Canada's elite Wayne Clark and fashion house PORTS 1961.  After spending many years in Asia she realized a need higher quality home loungewear.  Digging into her roots she found that silk was often used to keep warm but the styles and quality was severely lacking.  Realizing the need for higher quality comfort DIA was founded. 

Feel the Difference Silk Can Make - DIA designs uses 100% mulberry silk – recognized as the ultimate fabric for luxury for over 5000 years.  In addition to its softness, silk is a natural heat regulator – cooling in summer and warm in winter – and absolutely perfect for sleep wear.  Silk is naturally hypoallergenic – soothing for sensitive, dry or itchy skin.   Also inhospitable to dust mites and a natural fire retardant (though it can catch on fire, it does not melt onto the skin as synthetics materials do).

Live in a damp environment?  Not a problem! Silk is also mold and mildew resistant, high in “sericin”, a naturally occurring protein that prevents mold and blocks out humidity.  Additionally, silk contains naturally occurring amino acids said to be good for a person’s skin – delaying wrinkling in the skin and even decreasing hair loss when used for pillows and bedding.

DIA’s Designs - Comfort, Class, Culture.  DIA’s collections is comprised of easy and elegant modern shapes reminiscent of old Hollywood – combining beautiful aesthetics with ultimate comfort.

DIA’s Signature ear looped Eye Masks - Our unique ear loops make our eye masks a one of a kind. Realizing how traditional ones always falls off, uncomfortable and not really useful Designer Lydia perfected the the eye mask with its usage of silk and ear loops function. Hypo-allergenic these are extremely soft and comfortable with extra benefits such as better quality of sleep, and anti-aging. Silk’s qualities help retain its moisture during the night and replenishes the skin while blocking out allergens in the air. Can also assist with puffy eyes and dark shadows. Sleeping with an eye mask is vital to your rest as it helps block out light and lets your eyes rest from a long day of usage.

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